01. We don't [possess] much, but we are rich in family.
02. The little boy's bicycle was his most favorite [possession].
03. Anthony J. D'Angelo said, "Treasure your relationships, not your [possessions]."
04. The territory now known as Alaska used to be a [possession] of Russia.
05. The priest feared that the young girl was [possessed] by the devil.
06. My sister is very [possessive] and won't share anything with anybody.
07. The terrorist was arrested and charged with [possession] of explosives.
08. The old woman was [possessed] by a fear that someone was out to kill her.
09. During a routine search at the police station, the young man was found to have over 10 grams of cocaine in his [possession].
10. Madelaine lost all her [possessions] in the fire that destroyed her apartment building.
11. Gloria's terrible [possessiveness] has destroyed every relationship she ever had.
12. India and the U.S. were both British [possessions] at one point.
13. Venezuela [possesses] more proven oil reserves than any country outside the Middle East.
14. King Francis I of France is reported to have paid Leonardo da Vinci 4,000 gold crowns for his masterpiece "Mona Lisa," but the king did not get immediate [possession]; Da Vinci kept the painting hanging on a wall of his chateau until the day he died.
15. In Burma, [possession] of a computer modem can lead to a prison term.
16. Studies show that in a typical game of hockey, the average player has [possession] of the puck for about 30 seconds in total.
17. Some people have youth, but not energy, while others [possess] energy, but not youth.
18. There is an Iranian proverb which states that great needs grow from great [possessions].
19. The islands of Guadeloupe have been a French [possession] since 1635.
20. Before the development of modern psychology, psychological disorders were often attributed to [possession] by evil spirits.
21. The ancient Greeks believed that music [possessed] moral qualities and that it could affect a person's character and behavior.
22. B. C. Forbes once noted that real riches are the riches [possessed] inside.
23. Napoleon Bonaparte once said that riches do not consist in the [possession] of treasures, but in the use made of them.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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